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Looking for a fresh start or rewarding career?
You could change your life and those of local young people by fostering.

We’ll support you in giving back to your community as a successful Foster Carer in Andover, Wiltshire, Reading, Basingstoke and surrounding areas in Hampshire and Berkshire.

Our local support teams provide individual support and training, together with regular opportunities to meet up with other foster carers in Hampshire.

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Why Choose Blue Sky?

You have the drive and commitment to change lives, we’ll provide the practical support to help you achieve that. Foster with us, and receive the following:

Foster Care in Hampshire

Home to the New Forest, the South coastline and a vast collection of idyllic towns and rural villages, Hampshire is a wonderful place to raise a family – boasting affordable and premium housing to suit all budgets and family types, easy transport to London, and endless staycation sites right on your doorstep. With 505 primary schools, 142 secondary schools, and a broad selection of further learning and adult education centres, the opportunity for budding families who want to experience a peaceful way of life in Hampshire is huge.

And what better way to expand your family than by opening your home to a young person who needs your support and guidance?

Becoming a foster carer in Hampshire enables you to experience all the pleasures of living by the coast through the eyes of a young person, while providing them with a stable and supportive home in which to thrive and embrace life and new opportunities.

There were approximately 57,380 children living with foster families in England on 31 March 2021, with Hampshire one of the areas where more foster families and carers are required every year. With its proximity to London, direct transport links to internal UK destinations and exposure to the coast and international borders, Hampshire is an affluent but diverse destination where children from all over the world have an opportunity to lead a better life with endless potential.

There are around 45,370 foster families currently in England, but it’s still not enough – with Hampshire one of the growing areas where foster families are constantly and consistently needed to help raise children and give them a consistent and supportive home life. In England alone, there is an urgent need for 7,000 more foster families – with children of all ages, from one year to fifteen+ years, seeking a safe place to call home. Could you help?


This is Viv and Carol’s story.

From a short term bridging placement to the formation of a brand new family, when Viv and Carol first took Ronan in, they had no idea how much he could change their lives – and them his.

Ronan is Viv and Carol’s first foster child, which instantly gave him confidence in knowing that they were all new to the process. Despite not having the same nurtured and supportive upbringing as other children, Ronan shows the same need for security and love – and those are both things that Viv and Carol, as foster carers, are willing and able to give.

“[…] when we get a grin, we’ll know we’re really succeeding, but for now, a wave is great!”

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