Local Authorities

"We, in the placements team, pride ourselves on our ability to provide the best match to our carers and young people, ensuring that everyone receives the most appropriate support. We have good relationships with the local authorities that we work with and feel privileged to have a hand in helping young people at risk." 

Ashleigh Cole, Placements Manager  

It’s impractical for local authority fostering services to have an endless list of foster carers just waiting for that specific placement; the one where they will be the perfect match for a child, so that’s where independent agencies like us can help. We recruit and train our own team of foster carers to provide that support to all local authorities, meaning they all have access to a huge range of foster homes across the region offering the right placement for the child in need.  

Whilst in many circumstances, it’s in the child’s best interests to remain in their neighbourhood, continue to attend their own school with their school friends and extended family nearby, there are many occasions when it’s safer for them to go to a foster home well away from their own home. Again, this provides local authorities with the safety of knowing we have foster carers to help, five miles away, fifty miles away, even hundreds of miles away.  

The Blue Sky Placement’s Team always aims to work proactively and creatively to find the best possible placement and match for the children referred to us. They are dedicated to offering a strong match with a fostering family to give young people the stability and support they need, ensuring they can relax and achieve their goals, unfettered by anxiety and pressure.  

All children and young people have the right to enjoy their childhood and teenage years without compromise. Maintaining strong links with Blue Sky’s foster carer’s is pivotal to the service. By getting to know them on a personal level, the team can match their personalities and interests with those of the children in need. This way, the children can settle that little bit quicker and form stronger bonds with their carers. Forming strong and trusted links with the local authorities is vital for the success of our children and young people, so the placments team works hard to ensure Blue Sky is the first point of contact when a child needs foster care.    

Ashleigh, Caitlyn, Sylwia and RashiDa are keen to help. You can call them on our dedicated placements line:

01794 332373  

or email your referral to: referrals@blueskyfostering.co.uk