Why Care?

Children come into foster care for so many reasons. They come from all backgrounds, all faiths and with their own needs and experiences.

Almost all will have suffered some type of neglect, trauma and/or abuse, and every one of them is in need of the security, warmth, care and support offered by our foster carers.

Government statistics* show that since 2012, there has been a 5% increase in the number of ‘looked after’ children in the care of local authorities in England. That may seem a small number but it amounts to 3,370 more children, taking the total to nearly 70,500 children in care at the end of September 2016, 51,850* or 74% of whom are in foster care.

Our foster carers give their foster children the opportunity to enjoy their childhood. They provide them with the security to ‘be themselves’, explore their skills and the experience of being carefree. They provide them with a structured routine, a balanced and nourishing diet, appropriate clothing and ensure they have the correct health care. For children and young people who’ve experienced fragmented and unpredictable home life, our foster carers give them reassurance, reliability, stability and organisation.

No matter what their appearance or their attitude, they are all children and they all need our help.  

“I can honestly say, and I speak for my entire family, it has been an eventful journey, but a complete pleasure to be able to care for the children and an experience I would repeat 10 times over.  It has been a complete team effort on my own family's part, and the children are sorely missed.”

Blue Sky foster carers Jim and Jean fostered young brothers, Troy and Tony, preparing them for the move to their new adoptive family.

*our thanks to the Department for Education and the Fostering Network for these statistics.

My Supervising Social Worker has always been available for advice and support, she will always go that extra mile for us as carers and supports our current placement


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