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What Our Foster Carers Say About Us

Here’s some results from our 2016 Foster Carer Survey:



Here’s what some of our Foster Carers said about Blue Sky Fostering:

“We have had overwhelming support when dealing with extremely complex issues, which has led to positive solutions.”  (2016)

  • “Our social workers have given us as a family so much support, they are both fantastic in their job. Very happy.”  (2016)
  • “We would not have been able to cope with some of the challenges we have been faced with without the training we have received”  (2015)
  • “We find Blue Sky is that big happy family where we are valued supported developed and our successes big and small are celebrated and our children flourish as a consequence. Thank you so much.”  (2016)
  • “We are happy we chose Blue Sky and that hey chose us. With out the constant monitoring of of our performance with all our new family members over the months and the support given from our original SSW we would have given up.”  (2016)
  • “My Supervising Social Worker has been a great support especially when we have had a difficult placement and she has been there when needed either visit to my home or phone calls. My supervisions are always done on time and if I have unanswered questions she would always come back with answer. My Supervising Social Worker is always happy and cheerful and has a open door policy of which makes you feel at easy”  (2015)
  • “Very happy with the support given and our working relationship, we feel able to be completely open and honest in how we feel”  (2015)
  • “I have been delighted with blue sky!”  (2016)
  • “Blue Sky makes me feel like part of a large family with its carers and their children at the heart of it all, i feel fully supported in my role as a carer.”  (2016)
  • “Great working with all of you. Best part of my life so far, by miles!”  (2015)
  • “We have never regretted becoming foster carers with Blue sky as we believe we could not ask for better support from any other organisation”  (2015)
  • “We have been supported in every and anyway that we have needed since we started fostering. We are very happy to be with Blue Sky”  (2015)
  • “Blue Sky – small enough to care, big enough to support”  (2015)
  • “As carers we have always been supported very well, nothing has proved to be to much trouble or difficult. We have been listened to well and treated throughout with respect and dignity, a lovely selection of ‘switched on’ staff”  (2015)