Become a Foster Carer

What is Fostering?

“It’s about giving love back to people that have not had a really great start in life… making them grow into the best person they can be.”

– Kevin, Blue Sky Foster Carer

What is Foster Care?

Foster Care is a safeguarding system put in place in order to provide safe, stable family homes for vulnerable young people.

When a young person under the age of 18 can no longer live with their birth parents, for a variety of reasons, they are placed within the foster care system which provides temporary to long term care in a family environment, under the care of dedicated Foster Carers.

Young people come into care through the local authority who are then placed with either their own Foster Carers, or with a dedicated fostering agency, such as Blue Sky Fostering.

Even though local authorities have their own team of Foster Carers, they rely on independent agencies to offer additional support, not only to the Foster Carers, but with placements where a young person has additional needs or a sibling group needs to be kept together.

As an Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ foster agency, we take great pride in recruiting and training high-quality Foster Carers, and matching them with the young people who come into care, to get the best out of each foster placement for both the young people in our care and our foster families.

What is a Foster Carer?

A Foster Carer is a self-employed carer who looks after young people under the age of 18, whilst they can no longer live with their birth parents. Foster Carers take the roles and responsibilities of a parent in order to provide the young person with a safe, family home with care, support and compassion.

They must be willing to open up their home to vulnerable young people and provide them with the best care in order for them to grow and thrive. Foster Carers are required to be responsible for the young person’s needs and welfare providing a home, education, hobbies, sports, clothing, healthcare, as well as providing love, understanding, support, and guidance.

Our Foster Carers don’t work alone, they are required to work in a team, amongst professionals involved in the welfare of the young person, and are given training, fully comprehensive support and guidance.