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Responsive Training Update 

What behaviours and challenges are the young people being refereed to us facing…

  • Fostering Siblings
  • Young People with Complex Needs
  • CCE

Below are a list of online courses and resources such as videos, podcasts and further reading for each of these areas


Fostering Siblings

We have seen an increase in Young People being referred to us in sibling groups, but what does that mean to you as a Foster Carer? Well the below will help you to understand what this might look like for you and your family

Multiple Sibling Placements In Foster Care

Understand sibling relationships in abusive or neglectful families
To know the benefits of placing siblings together
To be aware of barriers to placing siblings together
Practices for keeping siblings together in placement
What to do when siblings cannot live in the same home
The importance of maintaining ties between separated siblings
To be aware of common sibling issues within the foster care

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Stuart and Simon adopted a brother and sister.  They talk about how they made the decision to adopt siblings and what it’s been like – New Family Social Podcast

Separated Siblings – BBC Radio 4

Young People with Complex Needs

Your Supervising Social worker will talk to you about young people with a range of complex needs and at the moment we are seeing a lot of young people being referred to us with a range of needs. All fo the training we run will help you with this, but the courses below are specific and will help grow your knowledge and understanding

Looking After Children With Complex Needs

Understand the concept of children with complex needs
look at how to work together in a multi-agency way to promote better outcomes
The different models of disability
Understand the meaning of “complex care needs”
Solutions to the challenges of complex care for children
Look at transitions into adulthood

Complex Trauma Advanced

Look at the impact of trauma on young children
Consider the effects of complex trauma
Identify and consider useful practices

Complex Trauma PTSD

To know how different traumas affect children
To know the symptoms of trauma and PTSD
Learn the physiological and psychological effects of trauma on the brain and body

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Our course on CCE has run this week and the next one will be coming top later in the year, however int he meantime, the online courses and links below will help grow your knowledge and understanding

Criminal Exploitation And County Lines

To know the context of criminal exploitation
To understand vulnerabilities and indicators
To know the barriers to engagement
To understand the importance of language
To be aware of the services available nationally

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Alfies Story

Not in our community – All about CCE (Highly Recommended)