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Transferring to Blue Sky

Sometimes we all need a change. Maybe you are looking for a new challenge or maybe you have become disillusioned with your current agency. Whatever your reason for visiting the Blue Sky Fostering website, be assured that as a Foster Carer you have the right to move to another agency.

What service can I expect from Blue Sky?

With four consecutive Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ ratings, we go the extra mile to support all our foster carers and the children in our care. Blue Sky is a family-run agency, small enough to be responsive, but large enough to offer security. We pride ourselves on achieving the very best for young people in our care and providing the very best local support and training, delivered by experienced and approachable social workers who know you and the children in your care. We work hard to ensure that the work you do is recognised and that you are valued as an equal member of the Blue Sky team.

Blue Sky is a Tier 1 Approved Provider for the majority of Local Authorities across the South, and in practice, this means that we often receive referrals of children before other fostering agencies do. Whilst there is never any guarantee of a placement, you can be assured that if a child needs a fostering placement, then Blue Sky will be first to hear about it.

How long will the process take and what’s involved?

Blue Sky is highly experienced in managing the transfer process on your behalf. We know from experience that you will be anxious about changing; concerned you may be jumping from the frying pan to the fire, daunted by having to go through the process again, or you may be concerned about how it might affect the placement of the children in your care.

We know that it is human nature to choose the status quo and to put up with the frustration, lack of support and feelings of being undervalued by your current agency because it’s easier than going through the process of transfer.

At Blue Sky, we believe that if you have been willing to devote your time to caring for young people in your home, then we should ensure that you receive the very best support from us. This starts from day one, with us working as quickly as possible to transfer you to our agency so you can continue to do the job you love.

All Fostering Agencies subscribe to the Fostering Networks Transfer Protocol which states: The transfer of carers protocol is based on the assumption that carers have the right to freedom of movement between fostering services; the principle that, in all circumstances, the welfare of any child must be paramount.

To view the Protocol, click here.

The process of transferring to Blue Sky would need to be discussed on an individual basis. However, on average it takes around 4-6 months. Your current fostering agency is obliged to provide a range of information as part of the transfer, including access to your current file. This does reduce the amount of work needed before you are ready to be registered by Blue Sky, and it will certainly be far less intrusive than your first assessment. Our promise is to make the process as painless as possible and to manage it efficiently to enable you to achieve your goal of fostering your current children in a supportive environment as soon as possible.

What happens to any children in my care?

If you are looking to transfer and don’t currently have children in placement, then the process is extremely straight forward. If you do have children currently placed with you, a Protocol Meeting will be arranged early in the process to discuss the needs of the children in your care and what services Blue Sky needs to continue to deliver. As a Tier 1 Preferred Provider with the majority of Local Authorities across the South, Blue Sky is highly regarded and will often already be personally known to your child’s Local Authority and Social Worker.

Will I receive the same fostering allowances?

Blue Sky has a very competitive allowance scheme, and in many cases, you will be financially better off moving on to our allowances and benefits. However, if you are currently receiving a higher level of allowances or enhanced payments from your current agency, we will honour those payment levels. Our promise to you is that you will not be financially worse off by transferring to Blue Sky, and in many cases, you will be better off.

If this is a concern for you, feel free to have a confidential conversation with one of our Fostering Advisors to ascertain what you will be paid before you decide to transfer.

What’s the next step?

If you would like to explore joining the Blue Sky family, contact us or fill in the form below to talk in confidence to an experienced Fostering Advisor. We promise not to talk to your current agency until you have made a formal application to us.

If you would like to talk to a current Blue Sky Foster Carer, who has been through the transfer process, we can arrange that too.


Why Choose Blue Sky?

You have the drive and commitment to change lives, we’ll provide the practical support to help you achieve that. Foster with us, and receive the following:

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