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The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

“The skills I learnt from the Blue Sky Duke of Edinburgh’s Award prepared me for my future – I’ve just been offered my first job!”

— Daniel, 18
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Blue Sky Fostering is the first Independent Fostering Agency to achieve the licence to deliver The Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards programmes (the DofE) for our young people, including Foster Carer’s own children. The DofE programme gives young people the opportunity to develop the skills and attitude they need to become confident, independent adults. By supporting our young people through the DofE Award scheme, we are investing in their future.

Blue Sky and The DofE Award

Over 60 years ago, HRH Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh had a vision of a national program to support the development of young people. In 2020-21, there were 330,000 young people doing DofE. With the help of DofE centres, youth clubs, and 3,781 Licensed Organisations. That includes Blue Sky!

The DofE is the world’s leading youth achievement award and we are proud to be able to offer it to all young people in the Blue Sky family. We have helped young people in care achieve their Bronze, Silver, & Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award through all ages 14 – 24. Young people build confidence and learn team working, resilience, independence and self-motivation from the Bronze award to the Gold Award.


DofE Expedition

“Peter thoroughly enjoyed completing his Bronze DofE with Blue Sky. He felt comfortable with Ed and Blue Sky’s support throughout. Initially, Peter was not offered DofE through school, being told that he could join with schools DofE after he received his bronze certificate.”

“By completing the DofE Bronze Award with Blue Sky, Darrell has gained confidence and enjoyment in drawing. He has also supported the local community through litter picking and has continued with his fitness.”

“In the process of completing the DofE Award, our young people have learned many positive things about themselves, and that they can do anything they put their minds to!”
— Ed Thompson, Training & Participation Manager

Listen to this episode of the Blue Sky Fostering podcast hosted by our Training & Participation Manager, Ed Thompson. In this episode, Ed talks about The DofE Award with The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award’s Operations Manager, Hayley!

In the podcast, Hayley shares her journey with the award, the perception of the award and how that’s changing. Ed and Hayley also discuss some of the challenges caused by lockdown, how the award is flexible, and the plans for helping young people achieve their DofE Award.

To find out more about doing your Duke of Edinburgh’s Award or what the award is about, please visit