Become a Foster Carer

Tracy Bain

Social Work Assistant

My job is to support the Social Workers in our team as well as supporting our Foster Carers and their young people. I cover all sorts of meetings, visit some of our foster carers on a monthly basis and supervise our bank of support workers. I run the pre-panel training, support carers at panel and I also visit all our new carers once they have been through panel to do some induction visits and prepare them for their journey ahead.  

I work very closely with all our parent and child placements, visiting weekly which I really enjoy.  

The Blue Sky team in our office are all very lovely, fun, helpful and supportive.  

I have worked in fostering for 6 years now, starting off at another fostering agency before joining Blue Sky in September 2011. Prior to this, I was working as a nanny looking after two children – I have had them since the eldest was 36 hours old. They are still a huge part of my life and I see them regularly.