Become a Foster Carer

Sarah Rockett

Recruitment Director

I joined Blue Sky back in 2005. I have overall responsibility for all aspects of recruitment in terms of new foster carers. This includes enquiries, home visits, new applications, stat checks, the assessment process, pre-panel training, independent assessors and lastly panel.

I love the ‘journey’ that new carers go on during the assessment process – the more information and training they absorb, the more prepared and confident they are for the fostering role. For me, it is always about the transforming element of foster care, and seeing the difference in young people when they are placed in a new family, in particular, the small changes – the first time they make eye contact or join in with meal times, for example.

I love being part of a happy and positive team who all want the best outcomes for children and young people. Being involved in recruitment means that my team and I can really influence the growth of the agency and provide a positive experience for our new carers. Every day is different and I love the variety of the job.

I qualified as a social worker in 1997 and worked in a childcare team in the Local Authority. There, I worked with children and families on the child protection register, in the court arena and with looked after children.