Become a Foster Carer

Marcus Reeves

New Carer Engagement Manager

I work within Blue Sky’s Recruitment Team and I am the first person a prospective carer will speak to when enquiring about fostering. My role is to engage and enthuse a prospective carer to join our agency, foster a young person, and all the benefits that entails, not least for the vulnerable young person him/herself. Also imporant to note that if a prospective carer is not suitable for our agency but would make a great carer elsewhere, I promote this too. We do not want to lose prospective carers to the industry, and given time, Blue Sky may be the right agency for them in the future.

The most pleasing part of my job is when a carer is approved at panel, and so the journey begins. And when the carer gets there first placement, well the happiness that envelopes me, knowing a child is safe and being cared for, means I consider my job the most rewarding of all. I have played a part in this and a child’s future with that carer. I come to work everyday with a smile on my face!