Become a Foster Carer

Helen Cruthers

Clinical Lead - TLC team

I work with TLC (therapeutically led care) Foster Carers to support them in the challenging role with the young people in their care. Both individually and groups, we explore challenges presented by the young people, and explore ways of responding therapeutically in order to help them to feel safe and be able to thrive.  

I really enjoy it when I’m able to support a carer to really understand and empathise with a young person and connect with them emotionally. At Blue Sky, there is a strong sense of really caring about the young people and wanting the best for them.  

I have worked therapeutically with young people and their families for over 25 years, providing parenting skills, behaviour management, therapeutic parenting, training, psychotherapy – and have been working as a therapist in the fostering field for over 4 years.