Become a Foster Carer

Ashleigh Cole

Placements Manager

As the Placements Manager, it is my responsibility to look after the placements team and ensure that we are finding the best matches for our young people and carers. I look after a team of 4 and together we are solely responsible for finding placements for all Blue Sky carers.  

I have recently celebrated my 5th anniversary with Blue Sky and in those 5 years, I have been fortunate enough to be involved in the development of our TLC programmes. I am now involved in the pre-panel training for Foster Carers, running a workshop alongside Nici Crisp, which helps carers in assessment gain a valuable insight into our therapeutic programme and dispells some myths surrounding therapeutic fostering.  

Its hard to pinpoint one part of my job that I find the most enjoyable, there are so many elements that make me smile daily. I love seeing the young people with their carers, especially as I have read their history and their behaviours, and then to see them in a good happy place gives me a real buzz and shows just how important the job our carers do is. When a young person achieves something (big or small) I send them a postcard to congratulate them. I try and make these as personalised as possible and often include a cheesy pun that I know will have them rolling their eyes at me (but secretly they love it)!  

The best thing about working for Blue Sky is the staff, we all have different roles and responsibilities yet we all get on with each other. Everyone is approachable no matter where they sit in the company structure, and we always have lots of fun when we get together.  

I have previously worked for a company that helped young people of school and college age to find work experience placements. I have always worked in administration since leaving school at 16, apart from a brief stint at a local bingo hall… Two fat ladies – 88!