Our story

You can see the sea from the front room window in Sue and Steve’s home.

“One of our foster children, a little girl, used to spend hours, mesmerised by the waves and the boats.” Sue recalls. "She’d just sit quietly, so I would sit with her. Saying nothing, just being with her. Then one day, she began to talk about her dad and her whole, unbearably sad experiences, spilled out.”

“I tried not to cry with her or ask her questions, I just kept quiet, holding her hand and letting her say what she needed to. That was the moment I knew being a foster carer was the most worthwhile role in the world. She trusted me enough to tell me of experiences she’d buried deep in her soul and to let me help her. I will never forget it, not as long as I live.”

Sue and Steve have fostered with Blue Sky for four years and in that time they have helped six young people from very varied backgrounds with very varied experiences and needs. They’re just an ordinary family who know the value of giving their foster children the security and confidence to trust them. 

As Sue says, “there’s no magic formula to fostering. You just have to be yourselves and treat your foster children as you would treat your own, it’s that simple!”

Sue and Steve live near the coast. Steve works as mental health nurse, Sue was the manager of a care home before giving up work to be a foster carer. They have two teenage daughters and a menagerie of pets. Steve’s mum lives with them in an annexe attached to their four bedroomed rented home.

Sue and Steve

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