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Lee and Karen have been fostering with Blue Sky for 6 years, here’s their story…


Karen: “When an advert appeared in the paper and I heard my husband say ‘I’d love to foster’ – I didn’t let that go! So, straightway we looked into the possibilities of doing that.”

Lee: “The jobs I did before fostering was working in supermarkets and repairing games consoles, so that didn’t necessarily give me the skills, but it was more of what I did in my home life with my little brother, where I was caring for him. My mum passed away. I enjoyed watching him grow up. Fostering is the best decision we’ve ever made. Every day, a new challenge, exciting challenges.”


"Fostering is the best decision we've ever made. Every day, a new challenge, exciting challenges."

Lee, Blue Sky Foster Carer


Lee: “The day our first young lad came to us, he was scared, we were scared. The whole situation was really terrifying. We sat down for an evening meal and after my phone went off and it was a theme song from the Simpson’s: The Spider-Pig song. And from that, because he loved the Simpsons as well, that just built us such a connection which has grown so much ever since.”

Karen: “It’s all about the child and making sure the child has the best out of their lives with you.”

Lee: “If it’s in the best interests of the young person, that’s what we’re there for, we’re there to fight for them.”

Karen: “There’s been a lot of happiness, I would say it has actually changed our lives because we’ve learnt so much more about the need, and why fostering is important and we’re glad to be a part of that.”


If you could foster like Lee and Karen, talk to us about becoming a Foster Carer on 0800 035 6499 or enquire online.