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For Carol, her interest in fostering has become a way of life.


“My job involves watching mum while she’s with baby. I record every day what we’ve done in the day; if she’s taking basic care on baby, if she’s changed his nappy, fed him, sterilised the bottles, sleep patterns etc..

Mum says ‘your watchful eyes on me’ but luckily I get on with her so we laugh and joke about it. Although it’s a serious matter, I don’t want her thinking I’m there with my notebook, making notes continuously, we have to get on with our lives and make it as natural as possible.


"I'm pleased I've been able to help mum and her family through a really difficult time."


Seeing him develop and grow and form an attachment to his mum which he may not have had, had he not been in foster care, and an attachment to our family, the secondary attachment so that if mums not there, he’ll happily come to me or my daughters. And he’ll put his little arms up and he’ll want a little cuddle, it makes you go all gooey and makes you think it’s all worthwhile. 


My placement has as been quite unusual and a challenge, but it’s looking like it’s worked and it’s positive and that’s a good thing, so I’m pleased I’ve been able to help mum and her family through a really difficult time. “


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