“Billy was born profoundly deaf with a cleft palate. His mum would move from place to place with him so he never had a chance to settle – or to get the help he needed – he was invisible, really, bless him. Then one day, he was found wandering in the street outside the squat where he and his mum were living. Inside, his mum had died from a drug overdose. Billy had to cope with this tragedy without being able to talk to anyone. It breaks my heart.”

“I’m one of a family of four boys and proud uncle to four little nieces, so I’m very used to noise and excitement, but nothing could’ve prepared me for Billy’s tantrums in the early days!”

“He’s my first foster child, he came to live with me a few weeks after I was approved as a foster carer, so I spent quite a lot of time on the phone to the Blue Sky team in my local office! Once he’d settled, they arranged for us both to have Makaton sign language tuition. Billy was just like a sponge, absorbing this new skill with amazing speed and for the first time in his life, he could communicate with other people. It was such a joy to watch his little hands deftly explaining what he wanted! The tantrums are few and far between these days and I can’t tell you how much he means to me.”

My Supervising Social Worker has always been available for advice and support, she will always go that extra mile for us as carers and supports our current placement


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