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You’re the…..

We were delighted to welcome Lemn Sissay to our recent workshop at a village hall in Southampton.

“Lemn’s a fantastic poet and spent his time talking with our young people about how to express themselves through poetry, what makes interesting and thought provoking poetry and how to compose poems of their own using rhythm and rhyme” explained Ed, our Training and Participation Manager “they were mesmerised by his ideas and suggestions and really grasped his advice.”

“Then it was over to our young people to have a go at writing their own poems. Lemn started them off with the words ‘You’re the….’ and encouraged them to write about someone in their lives. The results are pretty amazing and I’m so proud of them all for embracing the experience.”

“Our grateful thanks to Lemn for sharing his knowledge, experience and time with our young people; they all got so much from the day and, hopefully, will continue to hone their skills - maybe, one day, one of them will be a famous poet, too. I’d love that”.

To read our young peoples’ poems, just click on the title:

Bang Twist

Chewbacca, Maka Paka and a Smile

Dog in my Jelly


My Story, My Future, My Car

Oreo, Bart and Wayne’s World


The Bloom, the Meaning, the Heart

The Guitar

The Song, the Heart and the Prayer

The Torromor of the Heart

You’re the Crunch

You’re the Light and the Dark