Become a Foster Carer

Your first steps to fostering

Perhaps the biggest part of fostering is the new beginnings it brings. From the first time you chat with a fostering provider, to the first time you meet your foster child, it’s all a process of getting to know new situations. When you contact Blue Sky, it’s likely that Marcus will be the first person you speak with in depth so we caught up with him today to find out five top topics discussed during that first, tentative, telephone call.

The ‘best fit’ for you

“When we first speak with people wishing to become foster carers, it’s usual for them to tell us they have either spoken with other fostering providers or intend to do so. This is such a sound thing to do; they need to find the fostering provider they feel is the ‘best fit’ for them”.

You don’t need to be perfect

“There’s no such thing as the perfect foster carer. We’re all human and we’ve all done and said things we’re not proud of! The important thing is that we can take what we’ve learnt from our mishaps and use that learning to empathise, understand and help foster children.”

…and your home doesn’t need to be perfect!

“Many of our foster children have been neglected, so the fact that you don’t have expensive carpets and a show house style home is the last thing on their mind. They need you. They need the nurture, care, security and warmth you provide. They need routine, predictability and stability. All we ask is that your home is clean and comfortable and they have a bedroom to call their own with the things you would provide for a child of your own.

Children and pets

“Most of our foster carers have pets; it goes hand in hand with their caring nature! Some carers don’t have children, some have adult children, some have younger children, some have grandchildren nearby - everyone’s situation is different! Whatever your home situation, just give me a call and we’ll chat about it.

The ‘awkward’ question about money

“This isn’t a question we find awkward in any way, but people can be hesitant about broaching the subject of payment. We know money is not the motivator when it comes to fostering, but practically and realistically, we all need money to provide for ourselves and our dependants. Foster carers are professional people doing a vitally important job and they are paid accordingly. In addition, there is financial provision for the foster child to cover every day expenses, clothing, savings, toiletries, heating, etc. So, as far as we’re concerned, this question should be asked - it shows you’re thinking of the life’s essentials!”  

Our Marcus is a mine of information, so why not get in touch with us to ask your fostering questions?

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