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Young Person’s Voice – Independence

Blue Sky Foster Carer Frances, gives us a snippet of life preparing a young person in her care, who is moving on, into independence.


"So my young person has expressed a wish to live independently, however, hasn't decided just when yet.

As part of her preparation and in discussion with the local authority, we looked at ways to find out what areas she needed support in, to live independently. The LA gave her a booklet of questions and was quizzed, giving us a fairly good idea on which areas to concentrate on.

For my young person - it was budgeting, keeping tidy and making wise friendship groups. Whilst her Independent Worker worked with her on friendship, safety and risk-taking, I as her main carer, worked with the rest.

Obviously, it's not suitable to work with her and the budget for our home, so we decided that she'd be given a budget to buy ingredients and cook for the family. Our young person decided she'd like to do this 3x a week, so she was given a budget of £30, £10 per day, for food for the family for 3 days. She had to work out menus and ingredients, keeping in mind what was in the cupboards already.

Her first week went very well, she stayed within budget, allowing her to also buy deodorant and shampoos etc. Her meals have been well cooked and we've really enjoyed this process!"