Become a Foster Carer

You become not just colleagues, you become friends

Well we all survived Mother's Day aided by prosecco and a cream tea. The children could not believe that there was no limit on the amount of cake they could eat!

So, this week was our annual review, a chance to reflect on the children you have worked with and to celebrate your personal achievements. We have to input our feelings about the year but so do the people you work with. You forget there are so many others that are involved in the children's lives and your own. Social workers, teachers, therapists, family, school, the list is endless.

A few of them are asked, including your own children, what you are like as a foster carer, and you then get to read what everyone thinks! Now I think we are quite good at what we do, but it is always lovely to hear what other people think and it sinks in a bit more when you read it on paper. (I might have even shed a tear or two at parts!)

The opinions that had the most effect on me were the ones of other foster carers. As TLC (Therapeutically Led Care) carers, we have a group therapy meeting every other week. You often bare your soul and you are supported by the carers who have often been though the same highs and lows as you. You become not just colleagues, you become friends. When you read that they think you're supportive, positive and approachable, it does give you a warm glow, because I hope this is the sort of foster carers we are with a good measure of fun thrown in!