Become a Foster Carer

Why I chose Blue Sky

Choosing to become a foster carer isn’t an overnight decision. Hampshire-based Nina thought long and hard before contacting her local branch of a large, national, fostering agency, but things didn’t go as she expected….

“I liked what I’d read about that big agency and was really looking forward to chatting with them, but after that call, the positive feeling left me, so I turned to the internet and searched for other fostering agencies in my area and up popped ‘Blue Sky’.”  

I had a good feeling about Blue Sky  

“Now it may sound strange, but as I looked out of my office window and the sky was the nicest blue you could imagine. I had a good feeling about Blue Sky Fostering and after showing interest in them, I certainly wasn’t disappointed!”  

Open and honest  

“I made my online enquiry and received a call from Marcus, Blue Sky’s Recruitment Manager. Marcus came across as very positive and spoke openly and honestly about what Blue Sky offered, not only about what you offer the children looking for a foster home but how important my own children are in all of this unique process. The national agency I had contacted initially, did not have this approach with me over the telephone.”  

An initial home visit from Blue Sky’s Nici was arranged.  


“Nici came to see us in our home and, instantly, I felt relaxed in her company. She was interested in what I had to say and really listened to me. Her friendly, funny, professional approach was great and she explained the ethos of Blue Sky, the different types of fostering provided and guided me through the kind of fostering where she thought my skills lay. I was so impressed that she engaged with my own children and had a laugh with them. My children commented on what a lovely lady Nici is and liked the fact she was interested in what their thoughts were on the whole process.”  

Positive team  

“I was impressed with how much guidance, help and advice is on offer to foster carers. Blue Sky has everyone's interests at heart and come across as a very positive team. First impressions really do count so that initial phone conversation with Marcus and Nici’s visit were very positive experiences. They are the reasons why I chose Blue Sky over the other agency.”  

“Currently, I’m going through the assessment process and am really looking forward to beginning my new career as a Blue Sky foster carer.”  


We know the decision to become a foster carer isn’t made lightly, many people take months and sometimes years to take their first steps. If you are thinking of becoming a foster carer and would like to have an informal chat with our Recruitment Manager, Marcus, please get in touch.