Become a Foster Carer

We’ll come to you!

So, in part one, we chatted with Marcus about your first steps to fostering. Now, the wheels are in motion and our Jane, or one of her colleagues, will come to your home to chat about your plans to join our team of foster carers. We call this your ‘initial home visit’.

Today, Jane explains what happens at this, the first in a number of home visits, on your journey to becoming a foster carer:  

“I really enjoy going out to meet people in their own homes, it’s so much more relaxed than them having to visit us in the office and it’s easier for people to open up and have a really good chat with me.”

What to expect from your initial home visit?

“Initial visits are a golden opportunity to ask whatever questions you may have about fostering. We can talk about the support you will receive, how we meet your needs, your family’s needs and those of foster children. I’ll have a look at the bedroom you’ve set aside for a foster child and we can talk about any health and safety adjustments you need to make at home, for example, putting a safety cover over your pond, smoke and CO2 alarms, changes to your home insurance and so on.

You can ask me anything and be totally honest, I really need you to tell me all about you and your family.”

How long will the initial home visit last?

“That’s a difficult one to answer as it’s totally dependent on each person’s circumstances! You may chat with me for twenty minutes and decide you need a little more time to consider fostering. You may chat with me for a couple of hours and be ready to complete your application form.

We take each visit as it comes - you’ll notice that flexible, bespoke approach is a theme with Blue Sky Fostering. No two people are the same and we adjust to meet your needs, it’s as simple as that!”  

What next?

“If you like what you hear and if you feel you wish to proceed, that’s great, we’ll take it from there! If you’d like a bit more time to think about things, just let me know. There’s no time limit and we’d rather you took your time now, to make sure fostering is the future for you.”  

Next time, we’ll look at the assessment process, from the initial training to the people who will be handling your application.

It all takes a while, but then anything that’s worth doing, is worth doing well!

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