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We went football crazy over Albion’s win!

The chilly weather couldn’t cool the excitement of eleven young people as they waited, patiently, for their tour of the Amex Community Stadium, home to Brighton and Hove Albion (The Seagulls).

It was cold....

Joe, aged 13, takes up the story: “It was an early start as we left home at 9.15am to make sure we were at the stadium in good time for our 11am tour. We met Ed (Ed Thompson, Blue Sky’s Participation Manager) at the ‘west reception’. The poor guy was standing outside in the freezing cold, waiting for everyone to arrive so I decided to keep him company, I didn’t want him suffering on his own!”

Birds-eye view

“Once everyone had arrived and we’d had our health and safety talk and the tour of the stadium began. We went to the trophy room, stood on the side of the pitch, saw where the players line up before a game, walked around the changing rooms and saw where the press conferences take place. My favourite part was getting to go to the top of the stadium where we enjoyed an almost ‘birds-eye’ view of the pitch. I’d like to be there on match days!”

Lots of pizza

Kyle, aged 15, enjoyed the tour and afterwards “we went into the gift shop and bought Albion scarves and hats to keep us warm and support the team. Lunch was great, we got the train in to Brighton for that and enjoyed pizza and lots of hot food to keep us going during the afternoon. Then it was time to get the train back to the stadium for the match. We took our seats and made ourselves comfortable for the game”.

Seagulls 3, Reading 0

Kyle's thoughts about the Seagull's triumphant 3-0 win against Reading: “It was a fairly even game and we saw a cracking goal from Sam Baldock. After half time, we saw Jamie Murphy score a cracking chip over the goal keeper, then he ran right in front of us, soon joined by Shane Duffy, Glenn Murray, Anthony Knockaert, Sam Baldock and Lewis Dunk. The third beautiful goal came from Knockaert, securing us 3 points.”

We saw ourselves on telly!

Everyone agreed, it was a fantastic game and the first time some had been to a live football match. Joe said “the day was absolutely fantastic and I’m so thankful I was able to go to the game, I loved the experience, thank you to everyone who made the day possible and for spending time with us over your families”. Kyle was equally enthusiastic and particularly delighted to spot everyone in the crowd as the day’s football matches were discussed on television that evening.

The final result from the young people: “We’d love to do it all over again and hope that Blue Sky holds another day just like this one!”.


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