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Ups and downs of fostering through the eyes of birth children

October is The Fostering Network’s Sons and Daughters month, and a chance for us to recognise the importance of birth children in the fostering home. We have asked birth children of our foster carers to write a paragraph about their experiences of fostering.

Here is what Matt’s children pictured here, Samantha (12) on the left and Rebecca (13), had to say.

Samantha (12) on the left and Rebecca (13)

“Our experience of fostering has had many positive and negative aspects. When we got our first placement, it was exciting getting to meet someone new who would be staying with us, although it was hard at first as we had to get used to sharing our parents’ attention.  

“Also, we saw many new behaviours that we hadn't experienced before first hand, although it was good having a new family member who we shared lots of memories with. However, it can be quite hard saying goodbye when someone comes to stay with you. They are part of the family and it is therefore hard to see them leave, but we still manage to keep in contact which has been nice. With every placement you get respite which allows you to get a break to yourself and spend time with your own family. This can be quite nice, but I always look forward to seeing them when they return. Sometimes we've found it hard when something happens or we see a behaviour we're not used to, but we get lots of support from our parents and throughout Blue Sky.  

“Each placement is quite different as well, with different behaviours and personalities. You don't really know what to expect when getting a new placement, but we easily manage to make friends with each other. Another positive is that Blue Sky organises many events where we have been kayaking, climbing, picnicking and many more, where we can go and meet up with other foster carers and foster children.”