Become a Foster Carer

Transferrable Skills for Fostering

Debbie, is one of our Therapeutic Led Care (TLC) foster carers.

Like many people, Debbie has had a variety of roles before becoming a foster carer. One, in particular, has proved invaluable in caring for young people with challenging behaviour:

“I was a Customer Care Advisor for a pharmaceutical company and helped patients and professionals with medical questions. It was a very rewarding role. I learned how to really listen, I learned how to calm people and I learned how to best help them. This role, above all the others, really prepared me for my career as a foster carer.”


“I was drawn to the TLC programme because of the level of support offered. With the programme comes a defined structure of behaviours and expectations.  The young people can earn points and rewards or lose them, depending on their behaviours. They learn to live with the consequences of their own actions and the pressure on the individual carer is lessened.”


“The level of support Blue Sky offers is fantastic. It was one of the main factors in my choosing to work with the TLC programme. Also, as a single carer, I felt safe having the support and guidance of the TLC social work team. The training has been an added bonus – and so interesting.”


“There have been many ‘WOW’ moments for me; learning about child development and related behaviours. It’s been enlightening and there’s so much of it on offer!”


“If anyone is considering becoming a TLC carer with Blue Sky, I would say ‘go for it’! It can be challenging, there’s no denying that, but the support of the team is fantastic. Any issues, I just pick up the phone and there is always someone there to offer help and support.”


“When a placement ends and I look back, I can see the part I’ve played in turning someone’s life around and, believe me, there is no better feeling.”

Like Debbie, you will also have many transferrable skills which will help you on your path in fostering. Give us a call on 0800 035 6499 or enquire here to take your first step towards fostering.