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TLC BLOG – Welcoming foster children with complex needs into the family

So this weekend it was my mum’s birthday, she’s now 69 years young! As we do every year, we went to her house to celebrate. 

My brother was there and, although I've seen him since Christmas, he's not seen the boys lately. He pulled me aside and said he could not believe the change in them. He had met them two weeks in to the placement, when we had all gone away together for the weekend. In hindsight, it wasn’t the best idea but we had planned it months before.

You see, the boys have been placed with us under Blue Sky's TLC programme, providing them with additional support. When they first came to live with us they were all over the place. They didn't really sleep, were disrespectful and knew no boundaries!  

Fast forward 8 months and the boys were asking if my mum wanted any help, asking if they could have more cake, offering to take people's empty plates! Their good behaviour was beyond expectation, which meant we didn't have to slip out the door to save any blushes.  You see, however understanding people are, they never really understand what makes our kids tick. Triggers in their brains can change their behaviours in seconds; smells, words, sudden movements or just the tone in your voice can take them from hero to zero.  

Other children, including my nephews, can often find it even harder to understand why the boys are "getting away with things". They don’t understand why the boys don't told off for things that they would certainly get pulled up on but, on the other hand, find it most amusing when the naughtiest words tumble out of their mouths.  Without realising, my nephews are teaching the boys how to behave and how to enjoy themselves. Encouraging them join in and making them feel part of the family. They even decided that they would sleep over at our house so that they could all enjoy the tradition of pancakes for breakfast, something they have enjoyed since toddlers and wanted to share with the boys.

TLC Fostering can be challenging sometimes, but it’s far easier if you have a strong support network of family and friends around you, that will even babysit for you sometimes if you ask them nicely!   To find out more about this rewarding opportunity, visit our TLC page.