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Things To Keep You Busy

I have not always been the most productive person and I’m still not but I do try and push myself to do things to keep my hands and my mind busy. Also to keep my mind away from the things going on during these times in the world and out of stresses way.

There are many different things you can try to keep yourself busy and you don’t always need a load of money to do them. Recently, I have brought myself a hot glue gun, These guns are very simple to use and can be very cheap, I got mine from amazon for £12 but I have seen them in Poundland for £5, but mind came also with 50 glue sticks. With a glue gun, your creativity is endless, at the end of your week get your recycling bag from the kitchen and go through it, pick out cardboard boxes and milk cartons, anything works and just start sticking things together. If you have some paint, why not paint it? If you have a pet, why not make them a maze or a tiny home for those little fur babies out there?

If you own a printer this is a good one for you, first print out a photo of your choosing and then all you need is glue and popsicle sticks and if you like some jewels and paint. With these you can make your own photo frames, all you need to do is stick the popsicle sticks around the photo and cover the back of the photo with more popsicle sticks and decorate it the way you like.

For those who may have little children a good messy play is very simple, all you need is a bucket of water, some bubble bath or washing up liquid and some empty bottles, with these they can have fun with the bubbles and use the empty bottles to use as water guns or just to make the water splash.

There is another good way to have messy fun with only 2 ingredients, all you need is corn starch, it can be found in many stores. I normally get it from Tesco or Lidl, then add the corn starch to a reasonably flat container, you can use an empty celebration tub or a cooking pan and then add water, mix well, with this you use most of your 5 senses, mainly touch and feel, the water and corn starch react together making it mix between a solid when lying flat but a liquid when held.

Hope these creative things help you during these times to keep you busy and hope you or your children have fun.

Love 'A'