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The best ‘love my job’ day, ever!!

All children (whatever their age) love mud. They love playing in it, they love the feel of it in their hands and they love the fun of it, so combining copious amounts of mud and an obstacle course and then letting them run wild in it was like a little slice of heaven for our young people!

Image of children at mini mudder

Our foster children, foster carers own children, our staff and their children recently undertook the ‘Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder’ in Sussex. They clambered and climbed, helping each other, cheering each other on and getting absolutely filthy into the bargain!

Sophie, our Managing Director spoke of the day: “I was honoured to spend the day today with lots of Blue Sky Fostering’s children and grown-ups. It was a fantastic day, and the children were just so amazing helping each other and conquering the obstacles. It was the best 'love my job' day ever! Great day! I’m so proud of all our children; they were amazing!

Ed, our Participation Co-ordinator was delighted with the whole event ”A lot of the children had never met each other, but they knew we're were 'a group' and 'all together' and ended up pairing up and literally carrying each other through it. They were also the only ones waiting for children they didn't know, to help them through the obstacles as well.”

“Then the carers who completed it, along with 2 birth children... wow! Most of whom hadn’t done exercise for years! We definitely need to get more of them involved next year, as one of them put it “if I'm asking them to do it, then I should set the example” and she was right!”

“My favourite moment was approaching the finishing line and thinking everyone had gone, only to see all the children suddenly appear out of nowhere and all hold hands as we crossed the line. It was one of the proudest days I’ve had at work.”

The joy of seeing young faces beaming with pleasure as they conquer their fears, embrace challenges and achieve their goals is a huge part of the fun of fostering. If you would like to join our fabulous fostering team, simply get in touch with us and we’ll give you a big helping hand to achieve your dream of becoming a foster carer.