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Supporting us to foster

Gill and Simon care for two, young, unaccompanied asylum seeking children alongside their own children. They're supported by two of our social workers, Jackie and Sandra plus the team at their local Blue Sky office and they have had a few challenges in recent months. Today, we received this lovely email from them which we thought we would share with you.

"We are writing to praise Jackie and Sandra for their exceptional, excellent and outstanding foster-carer-focussed support. They are highly professional, dedicated, hard working and inclusive.  They have really challenged us to succeed, aim high and be aspirational with the children in our care. They identify, clearly, the next steps we need to take to further improve and meet the challenges presented to fostering families."

"To be honest, we've had a difficult couple of months.  One of our foster children got into trouble with the police and one of our own children reacted badly to it. Throughout the whole episode, Jackie and Sandra have supported us, strengthening our emotional wellbeing and making us feel more confident in our ability. They've enabled us to continue to progress."

"We think you are all terrific. You are all highly organised and driven people with exceptional interpersonal skills. These qualities ensure the best possible outcomes for all the children and young people lucky enough to be in your care."

"Keep up the fantastic work and every thanks for making such a difference to our family."


If you would like us to support you to foster, all you need do is get in touch!