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Suffice to say, we feel very perky, today!

Yes, we’re all thoroughly ‘perked up’ following today’s 'Perk up your Liver' coffee morning, in aid of the British Liver Trust!  

From delicious savouries to rich, indulgent, chocolate cakes, we all embraced the sugar rush and donated to this fabulous charity, remembering our lovely colleague, Alex, who lost his life to liver disease brought about by an auto-immune condition.  

We welcomed Alex’s mum, Liz, our most special guest, and loved the opportunity to catch up with her. Liz explained that all the money donated on Alex’s behalf (over £10,000 on his Lasting Tribute fund and in the region of over £12,000, in total), is funding the BLT’s partnership with the Royal College of GP’s to provide training and e-learning to enable doctors to spot the signs and symptoms of liver damage earlier. Something good is emerging from such a terrible loss.   

Audrey Cornelius, Fundraising Manager at the charity said, “Thank you so much to Blue Sky Fostering for supporting the British Liver Trust through Alex’s Lasting Tribute Fund. These funds are a way for family and friends to remember a loved one and support a cause close to their heart, helping us to be here for everyone who needs us.”  

Find out more about the British Liver Trust and please, if you have a few pounds to spare, please, donate to this cause. Sadly, liver disease is on the increase in the UK and the BLT is working hard to help.  

Oh yes, and if you're wondering how much we raised this morning, the initial figure is £100 but we're hoping this will increase over the coming days as more donations come in. Watch this space for an update!