Become a Foster Carer

Strong foundations for brighter futures

Going out to meet people to chat about fostering is hugely important to us here at Blue Sky. From summer fetes and fairs, to family fun days at local attractions, we go to them all to share our message; there’s an urgent need for more people to take on this vital role to provide children and young people, from all backgrounds, with the happy life they deserve.

This weekend, we attended Hampshire’s Bursledon Brickwork's Family Fun Day and what a fabulous day we had!

First, a little bit of history…

This magnificent place began life 120 years ago, using the rich, local clay to produce bricks and the nearby River Hamble to distribute them to builders far and wide. Today, with the help of a Heritage Lottery Grant, it is a fully functioning, self-financing museum and a magnet for visitors from all walks of life!

Lots of lovely people.

Now, you know us, we are always happy to talk about fostering and actively encourage people to call us or get in touch online, but there are many who prefer to chat face to face and that was certainly the case at the Brickworks.

From people who had considered it in the past, but thought they wouldn’t be allowed to do it (spoiler: they would!), to those who were planning to foster when their children were a little older. From those who wanted to do it right now, to the lovely family whose adopted child came from a foster home.

We chatted with them all and we were delighted to answer all their questions and give them one of our lovely Blue Sky bags full of information, guidance, and one or two goodies to help them on their path to giving children a proper, carefree childhood.

If you’d like to meet us at a forthcoming event in your area, or you’d like to attend one of our popular ‘drop-in’ events at our local offices, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter for dates and information.

You’re always welcome to contact us with any questions, or for advice about fostering, just get in touch on 0800 035 6499 or simply click here!