Become a Foster Carer

Sometimes, it’s the foster children who help their foster carers….

Now an adult, Christy never forgot her foster carer, Jane.  Jane's kindness and understanding helped Christy through a really difficult time in her young life. 

Then Christy had the chance to help Jane....

At the age of just eight years old, the man Christy thought was her dad, sat her down and told her he wasn’t her birth father and delivered the devastating news that her birth father had committed suicide just before she was born.

Reeling from this news, Christy developed behavioural issues and found life difficult, emotionally. One day, she simply refused to return to her home and asked to be placed in foster care. 

Over the course of the following ten years, Christy moved from foster home to foster home until she went to live with a Blue Sky foster carers, Jane and Colin. “I kept absconding from foster care until I went there” explains Christy. “I remember being taken to Jane and Colin’s house and running away, immediately. Colin and my social worker found me and took me back to the house where Jane was waiting with a lovely, warm, smile and I felt so welcome.”

“There was something about Jane that made me feel comfortable. She took time to be with me, to help me come to terms with my identity, protected me and made me feel safe. She was always there for me when I came home from contact with my mum, she was always there and I felt so settled.”

Over the years and due to circumstances beyond their control, Christy and Jane lost touch. “Jane and Colin’s marriage broke down and I moved on, so lost contact with them. I got in touch with the local council to try to find her, but was told she had ceased fostering with them.  I was determined to meet up with Jane,  so I contacted her local town’s website and the people who ran it managed to track her down! 

We met up and Jane told me she was going through the assessment process to become a foster carer with Blue Sky. She asked me to provide a reference for her and I was delighted to oblige.  After all, as Jane said, “you can’t get a better referee than the child whose life you changed!”.

Christy is happily settled with her partner, Alice, and Jane has a new partner, Terry. They all remain good friends.