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Social Safety

Our online ambassadors

Our group of online ambassadors held a workshop, to discuss the impact of living in an online world. We talked about the feelings we have living in this instant age and advice for other people, on keeping themselves safe. This is what we came up with...

How living in the online world makes us feel

If you feel... You could...

Switch it off. Walk away. Block those making you feel like this. Try asking them to stop, you never know what might happen. Talk to someone

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Anxious Talk to someone. Simple
Humiliated Block them. Talk to them. Try not to get in that situation in the first place
Confident Sometimes being online can make you feel more confident, it might give you time to think, compose yourself and give better answers
Impatient When someone doesn’t answer we get annoyed, but remember keep calm...they might just be busy!
Confused / Mixed up The online world is a busy place, explain how you are feeling to someone, chances are, they might feel the same, no matter there age!
Disgusted Some things we see online make us feel disgusted, you can unsubscribe from pages, dont be afraid to!
Considerate Always be there for people, write something nice. Always help others in need, they might be there for you when you need help!
Rejected If we don’t get a like, a comment or a friend request we might feel horrible and depressed, but we dont think you need to feel this. get back to the real world and enjoy the things you have and life! Enjoy now! (but we don’t mean now tv)

Our advice for people on keeping themselves and other safe was as follows: When it comes to DM's (Direct Messages) we said you should not send nudes/innapraprote pictures to others people, because they can screenshot them and send them to whoever they want! You might feel embarrassed, humiliated, infuriated and destroyed. You could even end up as a Meme and be spread across the internet before you even know it! Don’t be friends online with people you do not know. You don’t know who they are really Don’t give away your location - Things that might give away your location are 


Taking photos outside your front door, don’t take photos in your school uniform, think about photos that show what football team you might play for, turn off location settings, check your privacy, CHECK YOUR LOCATION SETTINGS!

Passwords - Keep it secure, keep smart and keep it safe (Use Capital letters, numbers an use at least 6 digit. Don’t use obvious things like names of family or your first car!) a good example might be Ch3dd4r. If you have a pattern on your phone, make sure you know who is looking over your shoulder when you do it, make the pattern complicated and be aware of your surroundings when you set the password. Also think about the smear you leave on the phone you leave! Be aware of your finger prints as well

CATFISHING - Be aware that some people might be pretending to be who they are not, some people might pretend to be older than they are (or younger) look into the law and you will see why this is so important! Don’t accidently catfish someone else either!

Block People - Block people if you need to/if you don’t know them. Each app and website has its own way to do this, look it up online for help!

No sexting - because thing are  missinterpetive and you might regret it. You might think it gets you attention or is cool, but think about who might have that phot in the future

Bank Details - Keep your pin and log in details safe, don’t answer silly surveys on Facebook  because one of those answers, is probably your password!

Clickbait / fake news- THINK before you click, are Facebook really going to donate £1 for every like, and is it even going to make a difference. Just think

BE POSITIVE - Think what a difference a positive comment on someone’s photo could make to them, we change the world! 

Usernames - Don’t use your real leaves you open to trolling and personal attacks and stalking

Think about what is appropriate - Is what you’re about to post actually OK...? Really...? Check again and then decide. Think!

Location - Don’t let people know where you live, why do people need to know this really?!

Music - You can listen to music for free, enjoy it and make the most of it! You could use YouTube and things like this to sty u to date

Uploading - If you upload something inappropriate, it’s there forever, you can delete it, but what if someone else has already downloaded it. Visit "way back machine" on google, see how far back you can look at websites! It’s insane and will prove our point!

Comments - Think about what you are saying, if you are making a video, think about what you are saying...

Discrimination  - If you wouldn’t say it in real life, why would you say it online...!?It’s easier to say it online but it’s there forever...! 

We hope you take our advice and enjoy living in the online world!