Become a Foster Carer

Skills and qualities needed to be a foster carer

With so many outdated myths surrounding who can and who can’t foster, it’s no wonder people counsel themselves out before they even contact us. We need to dispel those myths and enable more people to use their life experience, skills and personality to foster vulnerable children and young people.

Simon, CEO Blue Sky Fostering.

What makes a good foster carer

This is a question many people ask us here at Blue Sky. Children and young people in need of foster care have usually experienced quite a lot of instability in their lives and are in need of secure and supportive care. Many will have left to their own devices so will need to be given boundaries and guidance. They need to experience the consistency, reliability and routine that most of us took for granted as we were growing up. Children in care are entitled to enjoy their childhood, so we need foster carers who can provide them with all these things plus the fun things we all enjoy doing.

Experience matters

Foster carers come to us from all sorts of backgrounds, with all sorts of experiences, beliefs and ideas and we value them all, greatly. Our foster children and young people are exactly the same; they’re all unique. The most important things you can offer a foster child or young person is your attention, your commitment and your care. They may have birth family but they may have little experience of these three things. They may be wary of you, they may not know how to react to you and they may even try to reject you, but with your child care experience, life experience, the support of your Blue Sky team and the skills you’ve gained during our training sessions, you will be well equipped to manage. Nothing can compare with the achievement of breaking down the barriers and enabling your foster child to be part of a caring family.

GSOH is essential

Looking after foster children and young people can be tough. There may well be times when you feel very challenged, frustrated or sad; this is absolutely normal. From time to time, many people feel this whilst raising their own children! At times like these, it’s really important to take a step back, not take offence if unkind things are said, be resilient and, above all, your good sense of humour is essential!

Gay, straight, co-habiting, single….it doesn’t matter

When a child or young person is referred to us, our main priority is to ensure they are placed with the foster carer(s) who can best meet their needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re gay, straight, married, co-habiting or single, whatever your status, you could be the perfect match for a young person in need. If you’re anxious about your status, just call us for a chat. Very quickly, we will put your mind at rest and you can get on with the business of becoming a foster carer and changing young lives.

If you feel you have the skills and qualities to make a positive difference to vulnerable children and young people and would like to know more about fostering with Blue Sky, just click here.

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