Become a Foster Carer

Mums, dads and babies – supporting young parents

Meeting your foster carer for the first time can be daunting, even more so when you’re a young mum and you need the help and support of a parent and child foster carer.

Sixteen year old Maisie and her new-born daughter, Evie, went to live with parent and child foster carer, Maggie. What follows is a word-for-word transcript of a letter, written by Maisie to her social worker, of her experience of living with Maggie:

"I came to live with Maggie in March and left in September.


The first day I met Maggie, I was very scared and upset, but upon arrival, I was greeted with a lovely cuddle and a happy and warm atmosphere, she also had a very understanding attitude for me being so emotional and made me feel much better.


Maggie is a funny, supportive, caring person who is always there for support and advice. She gives good advice and will always discuss the advice and why she has given the advice. She’s very open and honest at all times and treats you like a part of the family. Her family are lovely people as well.  My experience of being there is very positive and if I could live there forever, I would.


Maggie is such an amazing foster carer she has helped me so much over the past 6 months. She has a wonderful son – he is so kind and caring and makes you laugh and is brilliant with my daughter and we get on well. Anyone who has Maggie as a foster carer is the luckiest person ever and will do so well with the help, advice and understanding that she gives.


I’ve actually enjoyed being in placement with Maggie and her son. She treats you like family but also helps you become a better parent along the way. She is brilliant at her job and even when she was going through a very rough time, she still supported me and made sure I was OK. Maggie is an amazing foster carer and I am sad to leave her. She has made a difference to my life and way of thinking and her help has made me into a different, more open and confident woman and for that I’m always grateful."

Through Maggie’s determination and care, Maisie has enrolled on her first college course.

You could be the one person to unlock the potential and save a young family from being separated, so why not use your life skills, your great character, good humour and enthusiasm to support them to succeed?  Please, get in touch.