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Make this the best fostering Christmas you’ve ever had

For foster carers Jane and Ben and their foster child, nine year old Harry, Christmas 2015 is on course to be a lot of fun and a huge box of happy memories to dip in to in future years.

Jane tells all:  

“Harry’s bedroom looks like Santa’s grotto; it’s stunning! We all went shopping for our big tree and decorations in late November, choosing the lights, the decorations and the window stickers for the house. When we got home, Harry put on his newly bought Santa outfit (complete with a fluffy, white, beard!) and he and Ben decorated the little tree in his bedroom first. It was magical to hear them singing Christmas songs as they chose the perfect branch for each decoration; they both loved every minute of it! We spread the fun over two days and on the Sunday, we put up the big tree and decorations in the sitting room. I don’t know who gets the most pleasure from the twinkly tree lights and decorations - Harry is mesmerised by them and I love to see him losing himself in their Christmassy glow!


Our trip to actually meet Santa at the local garden centre was a big success; Harry loved meeting him and gave him a pretty comprehensive list of all he needed! Then we’ve a trip to a party at the local soft play park followed by the Blue Sky family Christmas party in a week or two’s time and we’re all looking forward to that, it’s always lots of fun and all the children, young and not so young enjoy it.  


As for Christmas itself, we love having our extended family around and repeating our family festive traditions such as a long walk along the beach on Christmas morning with my brother and his family. We’ve been very lucky meeting Mr and Mrs Christmas in previous years; they cycle along the seafront on their tandem, handing out envelopes to all the children they pass by! Then it’s back home for Christmas lunch with my parents joining us for the afternoon.  Harry is going to be spoilt rotten with pressies!  


Boxing Day is spent with Ben’s grown-up children and their families  - it’s going to be busy, but it’s always such a lovely buzz of everyone enjoying themselves and this year will be extra special because we’ll have Harry with us. In fact, I don’t know who’s more excited, us or Harry!”  

What would be your best Christmas be like?  If you could put back the magic and sparkle in young person's life, not just at Christmas, but throughout the year, please contact us.