Become a Foster Carer

Make caring your career (a realistic job advert)

Role: Foster carer

Hours: Start times vary. May involve 01.00am starts to accept emergency placements, or attending a variety of meetings throughout the day, but usually full-time, (and we MEAN full-time).

Salary: Dependent on the number of children in placement and their needs.

Location: We are looking for foster carers throughout the south of England to care for vulnerable young people from their area.

Job Purpose: Provide a supportive, stable, caring home environment. Almost all of the children in our care will have experienced some form of abuse or neglect, and may not know what it is like to be in a happy, functioning family home. Your job is simple. Show them what one is!

Responsibilities: You must have:

  • At least one spare bedroom
  • Willingness to bring a child into your home and make them a part of your life
  • Willingness to undertake new and evolving training, on subjects like Attachment Theory and Child Development, First Aid, and Internet Safety
  • A sense of humour
  • Resilience
  • Unwavering enthusiasm
  • Bulletproof patience
  • An open mind
  • An open heart
  • Time to commit to rebuilding and improving the life of young people who really need you

You do not need: ·       

  • To own your home (rented is fine, as long as your landlord agrees)       
  • To be married/have a partner (you have enough to offer on your own!)       
  • To have children yourself (but genuinely liking them is a given)
  • To be from any specific cultural or religious background (in fact, we want to have a diverse range of carers to match the diverse children we want to help) or;    
  • To get rid of your pets! (we get that one a lot…)

By joining Blue Sky Fostering you will become a professional, highly trained carer (also driver, chef, part-time therapist and, hopefully, stable source of love and understanding) who has the opportunity to take a child who may have had some dreadful, complicated experiences in their young life, and show them they are important and that the world cares about them.  

You do not need any specific education, or to have an immaculate past (as long as you are honest with us about it), but you must be wholeheartedly committed to improving the lives of young people we place in your care.

This could be teenagers, sibling groups, children with additional needs, neglected or abused children and in some cases, a young person with a child themselves who needs support and a positive example to follow.

We provide you with full training, and all the advice you need, as well as introducing you to our support groups and partnering you with a supervising social worker, not to mention your local hub staff, all of whom are there to help and support you. It's not your average job, but it’s worth it.

Interested? No covering letter needed! Just enquire today.