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Looked After Children and Education

Statistics released by the Department for Education last month indicate a, very welcome, upward trend in the educational outcomes for looked after children.

It’s perfectly understandable that during an unsettled childhood, a young person’s education can suffer quite significantly, so here at Blue Sky, we have two members of staff to help support the education of children and young people placed with our foster carers. Both have Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and both have extensive experience of supporting the education of vulnerable pupils that ensures our young people, their foster carers and the schools have a cohesive education support network.

By providing training for foster carers and Blue Sky staff, liaising with local authority staff, providing direct support for pupils and tracking each child and young person’s educational process, the percentage of Blue Sky’s foster children, achieving good outcomes in each Key Stage is exceeding the national average for all looked after children.

Statistic: 41.6% of our young people in mainstream foster care achieved 5 A*- C grade GCSE (or equivalent), compared to 16.3% of looked after children, nationally.

Helen Thompson, our Director of Education, is proud of her team’s achievements and the amazing support offered by Blue Sky’s foster carers:

A young person was placed with our carers in April, just two weeks before he was due to sit his Key Stage 2 SATS. He was so keen to undertake the tests, but his school was 50 miles from his new foster home, so we contacted the school to discuss the best way we could support his needs. The school gave us the dates and times of his tests, the local authority’s ‘virtual school’ funded an additional weekly allowance of 5 hours individual tutoring and revision materials and we were all delighted when he achieved Level 4 in all subjects in his SATs!.

Subsequently, a new school was identified and he started there in September 2015. Our work continues to support him.