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Leon’s Questions

Leon got in touch and wanted to know "Why did his carers, want to be carers" so we set him up to do an interview with them and here is what he came up with...Awesome work Leon  


1  Why and when did you start fostering? I began fostering on Valentine’s Day in 2014.  I have always wanted to foster children to try and help them have a happy life, to show them love and affection, to value them and help them in every way possible to make their future a brighter, safer and happier place.


2  Who was the first child you ever fostered? The first child was LK who has been a part of our family for 4 years and 4 months.


3  what did you do previously before fostering? I worked as a support worker with adults who had learning disabilities, prior to that I was a learning support assistant in a secondary school.


4 Are you wishing about fostering another child/teen? I’m not considering having another placement at present


5  Was fostering hard for you? Sometimes fostering can be very stressful and hard work, but it is also very rewarding especially when you can see the difference and progress you have made with the child.


6  what are the pros and cons of fostering? Fostering can be stressful and very tiring especially when you have to constantly battle against professionals to listen to you and get the help the children need and so rightfully deserve.


7   Did your husband want to foster with you?   To foster was a joint decision.  Tony was adopted when he was 2 fortunately by a family member so he can understand and has empathy for all foster children. 

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