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Just Like a Mum

Cards, flowers, chocolates (Lindt chocs are my fave if anyone wants an idea!!)....  

This weekend we have Mother's Day and for the children we care for, one of the hardest days of the year.  

As a carer it’s hard too.    

"Who would you like to get a card for?" is how the chat starts. "Mum, Nan, auntie?" The response I got from the eldest yesterday was "no point getting one for mum as we don't know where to send it, but can we get presents and cards for Nans?”

The boys want to get things too for their mum too. So it's off to the shops to buy presents in bulk!  Numerous mum and nan mugs, picture frames with "Best Mum Ever" all over them, because to these children they are the best ever. They are all now in gift bags ready to be dished out over the next couple of days.

Then it's my husband’s turn. He wasn't got his head round inexpensive card shops and heads to Clinton’s. I tell him off every year, but his reply is they don't have many cards in the cheaper ones that say "just like a mum".

Now, I love the cards my son gets me, always something on them about how lucky I am to have him as my son! But the other cards that I receive are always extra special. Even better when they have been made at school, one for their mum and one for me.  

In our TLC therapeutic group yesterday the topic of this looming day came up. This is one of the carer’s first "Mother's Day’s” and she didn't know how to broach the subject without upsetting them. Our therapist gave us advice on how to go about this.... "I was thinking how you might be feeling about this Sunday; a day to celebrate our mums ....."  

Now it also works the other way and I have a "just like a daughter" she's the daughter I never had, who came into our lives 8 years ago. She always gets the most thoughtful gifts including a necklace she had inscribed with "just like a mum" which I never take off. Last year my card from her just said "MUM" .