Become a Foster Carer

Interested in Fostering? Talk to Marcus

So, you’ve made up your mind; you’re going to realise your dream and become a foster carer, but how do you choose the right fostering service for you? Big or small, a cosy family run service or a large, nationwide agency. Who will be the best fit for you?

What sets Blue Sky apart from other agencies?

Well, we know how bewildering that can be and every fostering service has its ‘plus points’, but what sets one apart from the others? What attracts your attention and gives you confidence? Could it be the organisation that goes the extra mile to make sure your questions are answered from day one, clearly and honestly? If so, look no further than Blue Sky!

Be informed

“It’s rare for someone to suddenly decide to become a foster carer and act upon that decision there and then. For most people, the decision is made once they have all the facts and information they need.”

I can help you

“Choosing the right fostering agency for you is so important” explains Marcus, our New Carer Engagement Manager.  “For anyone wishing to begin their fostering career, it is vital there’s someone on the other end of the phone who can answer their questions, explain the process, talk to you about the backgrounds and experiences of foster children and prepare you for your future as a fully-fledged foster carer, and that person is me!”

Just get in touch!

“I’ve worked with Blue Sky Fostering since April 2006, so I’m very familiar with the organisation and I’m very happy to spend time talking people through the assessment process and their future role caring for vulnerable children and young people, so if you’re interested, just get in touch!”

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