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How to help your foster child to independence – leaving care skills

“Demanding, but so rewarding” is how a foster carer described preparing their foster young person for independence.

Growing up, moving on

Anyone who’s been involved with raising children knows this period in a young person’s life can be a roller coaster ride. But, as our Secret Foster Carer mentions in her blog ‘Independence Day’, you know your own children’s journey to this point but with fostered young people, it’s not quite that straightforward. You don’t know the ins and outs of their lives and, usually, you won’t have known them from their babyhood, so how should you proceed?

New Project

Well, this is always an issue in the forefront of our minds and a new Blue Sky Fostering initiative is underway to provide even more support to young people at this critical point in their lives, as our Participation Co-Ordinator, Ed Thompson, explains

“We are working on our new independence project which will encourage young people to take responsibility for certain things, but at the right stage of their development.”

Life skills

“Covering things such as health, relationships and budgeting, we make sure we engage the young people in ways that are relevant to them and their circumstances. This may be from planning bus routes to local amenities, looking at how we save money and manage our outgoings to attending workshops on interview techniques and CV writing.”

Young people set their own goals

“Many young people enjoy cooking and having an opportunity to cook for the families they live with allows them to share their new found skills. The key to all this is that it’s done when they are ready and at a pace that allows for the work to be worthwhile. The young people set their own goals and, alongside a set criteria we have developed, work towards these to ensure they have a certain level of ability.”

Supporting our foster carers

Here at Blue Sky, we never forget that the high level of support we provide our foster carers directly benefits the children and young people in their care. For our foster carers to prepare and equip a young person to prosper as an adult takes commitment, dedication and genuine wish to help them thrive. In return, our carers feel the pride, fulfilment and joy of knowing they’ve made the biggest difference to a young person’s future and, subsequently, to the future of their children.

“He lives independently now, but phones us every week. He still gives us his Christmas present ‘wish list’ and we buy him everything on it! He spends Christmas and his birthday with us. He still thinks of our home as his home and that’s wonderful”

Quote from a Blue Sky Foster Carer.

If you feel you have the skills and qualities to make a positive difference to vulnerable children and young people and would like to know more about fostering with Blue Sky, just click the link here or call us on 0800 035 6499.