Become a Foster Carer

Grown-ups foster

When it comes to children and young people, all adults have a duty of care. It doesn’t matter where in the world vulnerable young people come from, it doesn’t matter about the colour of their skin, their faith, their beliefs, none of it matters because first and foremost, they’re children and they need grown-up help.

They’re all just children

From a homeless seventeen year old living on the streets, getting by because anything is better than the physical abuse at home, to a thirteen year old risking his life on a perilous journey from a war zone to seek asylum on British soil, to a sixteen year old, disowned and heading towards a life of uncertainty. They’re all in need of proper, grown-up help - help a foster carer would provide. You could do it, you could foster.

You could foster

You see, proper, grown-up, help, isn’t really all that difficult to provide. Security, safety, care and boundaries will help them to reclaim their childhood. You give them the sanctuary of their own bedroom in your home and the knowledge that you’ll stand by them, keeping them out of harm’s way, building a life with you and showing them the right path to take. You learn together and treat them as if they were your own, not necessarily forever, but certainly until they are capable of facing the world and succeeding. Although, if you did treat them as your own forever, that would be fantastic!

Change lives

Goodness knows, almost every day, news reports show us young people living in the UK and across the world, suffering abuse, deprivation, rootlessness and despair. How great would it be to stand back and say you’d changed a young life for the better? Together with you, we’ll tailor the care the young person needs.

We’ll stand by you

We know it’s a tall order to ask anyone to help a damaged, anxious, troubled, teenager without providing comprehensive support, training, guidance and a generous allowance to help you all live properly. So we provide all those things. And, for the occasions where you’re in need of nurturing, a listening ear, understanding, celebrating or just to let off steam, well, we’re here for that, too!

Talk to us

You can call us on 0800 035 6499 (calls cost 2p per minute plus your company's access charge; send an email to [email protected] or complete our enquiry form here.