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From a cartoon to quilts, how the Linus Project is changing young children’s lives

Deep in the heart of the pretty Dorset market town of Wimborne, a very committed, active and talented group of people are changing children’s lives.

Diane, one of our senior social workers, based in the New Forest, explains:

“If you’re familiar with the Snoopy cartoons, you’ll know that Charlie Brown’s friend, Linus, carries his beloved and well-worn quilt wherever he goes. This sewed the seed of an idea and the Linus Project was born in America. As with all good things, it came to the attention of other countries and its concept is now firmly established in the UK. The fabulous needle-workers at Linus in Wimborne make a huge array of colourful quilts that go to local special care baby units, the local special needs residential school and to children spending Christmas in hospital.” 


“The quilts are all unique and each one is designed with a child’s interests and likes in mind. They’re designed to be used, loved and treasured, to be there for the children throughout their lives as a ‘comfort quilt’ and a connection with their younger years. They’re all machine washable and often have soft fleece backings which helps prevent them from sliding off buggies, etc., as well as being warm and cosy.”


“Here in Hampshire, our foster carers and staff are so delighted the people of the Linus Project in Wimborne kindly offered to provide quilts for our youngest foster children. Our foster children aged 3 to 11 receive a little ‘Blue Sky Bear’ when they come into our care, but our dear little bears aren’t suitable for babies and children aged under 36 months, who often come into our care as a ‘parent and child’ placement, so now they will have a beautiful, hand-made, quilt instead!” 

Would you like to know more about the amazing handiwork of the people at the Linus Project?  Perhaps you would like to join them

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