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Fostering in Bristol? Show your foster child some local history

As one of the many long standing fostering agencies in Bristol, Blue Sky Fostering have a real appreciation for the local area and our team are fascinated by the rich history in which we are surrounded. If you are fostering in Bristol, you may decide that you want to teach your foster child about the history of the local area, as many of our foster children have not been taught about this great city in which they are growing up in. If you do want to show your foster child a bit of Bristol heritage, we have a few suggestions for you to start.

SS Great Britain

Bristol harbour contains a lot of interesting secrets about Bristol’s history, dating back to the 1300’s. One of the most fascinating and fun attractions at the harbour is the SS Great Britain. At the time the SS Great Britain was built, it was completely unique and no one had ever designed so vast a ship. In 1845, the SS Great Britain became the first iron steamer to cross the Atlantic. With four decks providing accommodation for 120 crew members and 350 passengers, this ship is an amazing place to explore and really bring the history of Bristol to life for your foster child.

The Pirates of Bristol

To really get your foster child interested in Bristol’s history you might want to take them along to one of ‘Pirate Pete’s’ guided pirate walks. As the home of one of the world’s most notorious pirates, ‘Blackbeard’, Bristol’s history really comes alive on these educational and fun tours. Find out more about Bristol’s history between the 16th and 18th centuries, including discovery, trade, slavery and piracy. Tours only last an hour long and can be booked at the Tourist Information Centre in Bristol or by contacting Pirate Pete himself!  

Bristol Cathedral

Founded in 1140 by Bristolian Robert Fitzharding, this beautiful building is a true landmark in Bristol and has seen so much of its history that it cannot be ignored. The cathedral is an example of the truly outstanding architecture of the time and the size of it alone will leave your foster children in awe. You can find out more here or even take a virtual tour on their website.  

These are just a few of our top suggestions for anyone who is fostering in Bristol. There are plenty of other historical hotspots which make an ideal day out with the foster child, including Cabot Tower and Brandon Hill where you will get panoramic views of Bristol, Clifton Suspension Bridge or even the Bristol Museum & Art Gallery. You would be surprised how much your foster child will appreciate a day out learning about their local city and having fun along the way.  

If you are not already a carer and want more information on how you can foster a child in Bristol, please visit our website or contact our friendly team. For information on our Bristol fostering events, please see ourevents page. We hold regular drop in session so if you cannot see an event near you then there is sure to be one there soon!