Become a Foster Carer

Fostering February

February is a busy month - Valentine’s Day, Pancake Day, half term… and many of you won’t be aware that this month is also important in the fostering world!

Fostering February is a campaign to raise awareness about what fostering is, how many children are in care, and what you can do to help!

Many people automatically rule themselves out of becoming a foster carer because they think they will not qualify due to age, lifestyle choices, sexuality and many more reasons. This could not be further from the truth.

In this Fostering February article we are going to dispel some of the most common myths surrounding fostering, and hopefully make many of you see that despite your reservations you’ll make brilliant foster carers.

Myth number 1:

As the famous saying goes – ‘age is just a number’ and this couldn’t be more true when it comes to fostering. We don’t care what age you are, if you can offer a loving, stable and secure home to a vulnerable person, we want to hear from you!

Myth number 2:

If you’re sitting at home eating chocolate and watching romantic comedies on your lonesome (everyone loves a bit of Bridget Jones!) then you’re not alone. 20% of our foster carers are single (both male and female) and actually we will often have requests specifically for a single male or female, so you’ll definitely be welcomed with open arms in to the Blue Sky Fostering family.

Myth number 3:

Rover the dog, Ginger the cat, Freddy the hamster, Spike the gecko… if you love animals then we love you! It doesn’t matter if you’ve got just one small goldfish, or a whole menagerie of pets, you’ll still be able to foster with us. In fact, some children in care find it less daunting to make friends with your pets before they make friends with you, and your pets can be instrumental in helping a young person settle in your home.

Myth number 4:

Ellen Degeneres, Elton John, Sir Ian McKellen, Sue Perkins - what do they all have in common? They’re gay! Do we care? No!! We don’t care if you’re gay, bisexual, straight or just not quite sure, we want to hear from you. Many of our foster carers are in same sex relationships, so please don’t waste your time worrying about your personal set-up when you could give a child a future.

Myth number 5:

You’ve already got a house full of barmy kids? Or your teenage son is at that age where he just locks himself in his room listening to some bass-thumping-headache-inducing racket? That’s no problem for us. Just because you already have children at home doesn’t mean you can’t also offer out your home to a child in need. As long as you have a spare bedroom, and can offer a stable home environment then we’re more than happy to talk to you about fostering.

So as you can see, a whole variety of people can foster with us! This Fostering February why not get in touch and take the first steps to fostering a child? Click here to contact us, or give one of the team a call on 0800 035 6499.