Become a Foster Carer

Foster Care Fortnight 2019

We're marking Foster Care Fortnight 2019 by asking: 'Are you cut out to foster?'


If you could make a wish and change career, what would you choose to do? Would you like a role where you work from your own home, sharing your life and knowledge with someone who, through no fault of their own, finds themselves in need of your care, advice and support; someone to be their hero?

If that appeals to you, then you could be cut out to foster!

This Foster Care Fortnight, running from May 13th - 26th, is a crucial time to show people that they could foster, to recognise their worth and that they could change the future of a child in the local area. But what does it mean by being ‘cut out to foster’? Sarah Rockett, Blue Sky’s Recruitment Director explains:


Time and time again, people come to us to say they would love to foster but they haven’t had children of their own or they rent their home or even that, at 60, they’re too old to foster. In reality, most of them are perfectly ‘cut out to foster’. We’re not looking for perfection, we’re looking for people with life experience, a genuine interest in caring for young people, commitment, resilience, compassion and stability. I would say most of the people who approach us, feeling that they wouldn’t be able to foster, are totally cut out to do it; they’d make wonderful carers!”


“Very often, our young people lack the freedom childhood brings, they’re weighed down by bewildering situations where they’ve been unable to rely on the adults around them. They need routine, predictability, security and a calm approach to help them to settle, so you, your pets, your experiences and that spare bedroom in your home makes you ‘cut out to foster’ - to give them back their childhoods.”


Becoming a Foster Carer with Blue Sky Fostering will offer you the opportunity to become someone’s special person. From the comprehensive initial training and workshops to the comfort of knowing there will always be someone there to help and guide you, every hour of every day, always.


If you’re cut out to foster and would like to know more, contact Blue Sky on 0800 035 6499, enquire online or pop into one of our local drop-in events!