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For the love of dogs

Blue Sky foster carers Marina and Dave welcomed Danielle into their home a few years ago, eventually helping her to move on to independent living with their help.

Marina says:

“It takes a while to adjust from the move from a foster home to independent living. For Danielle, the move combined with several jobs she found mundane and boring, was the catalyst for her to do something she’d always loved; working with dogs. Danielle began to volunteer with a local dog walking/dog sitting company ‘wagNwalkies’ and she loved it! Fitting in her volunteering around her shift work at McDonalds, Danielle’s work ethic and passion for the dogs in her care drew the attention of the managers and they offered her a full time, paid, job. Without hesitation, Danielle accepted the position and she has simply blossomed since”.


From the vulnerable young person who arrived at Marina and Dave’s front door those few short years ago, and through her own grit and determination, Danielle has found her niche. As Marina says: "Danielle was a regular absconder from school but now she’s at Sparsholt College gaining more vocational qualifications and she’s loving it and loving college – she never misses a day and that goes to prove how you can turn your life around when you have the determination to do well at something!"


Danielle says:

“I have always wanted to work with animals and joining Clair and the rest of the team at wagNwalkies has given me the opportunity to develop my skills further! My ultimate, long-term, goal is to work helping rehabilitate rescue dogs, to assist them to forget their old lives and move forward with happy, fulfilling, lives in their new ‘forever’ homes.”


The people at wagNwalkies say:

“Danielle is our most recent addition to the crew and she exudes energy, excitement and happiness to match even our waggiest clients! Danielle loves nothing more than a one-to-one session teaching puppy manners and gentle first steps training.”  


We say:

Danielle's a fabulous young person and a shining example of how fostering changes lives. Marina and Dave gave her the stability and support she needed to go out and get the career of her dreams.

If you feel you could foster a young person and give them the confidence and security to find their niche in adult life, please get in touch.

You could be the person who helps them change their world.