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Facebook Groups for foster carers

Dear colleagues

It has been mentioned by foster carers and at the Blue Sky foster carer forum that some of you would like to have a group for each regional hub on Facebook where we can keep you up to date with Blue Sky news and where you can all interact with each other.

As you may know, Blue Sky Fostering has a Facebook page that you can ‘Like’, however on this page we are unable to create a private group.

As a result we have created staff Facebook profiles where we have created groups for each office hub. These are ‘secret’ groups and not visible to anyone who is not in the group. You will not be able to search for the groups and members and content of the groups will only be visible to those in the groups.

In order to join the groups please do the following:

If your Blue Sky office is Romsey, Basingstoke or Ringwood:

  • Search for Lorna BSF
  • Send Lorna BSF a friend request
  • Lorna will then accept your friend request and add you to the group

If your Blue Sky office is Portslade or Chatham:

  • Search for Katem BSF
  • Send Katem BSF a friend request
  • Kate will then accept your friend request and invite you to the group

If your Blue Sky office is Devon or Bristol:

  • Search for Kathryn BSF
  • Send Kathryn BSF a friend request
  • Kathryn will then accept your friend request and invite you to the group 

TLC carers – you have already been sent the details of your TLC group. You are also welcome to join the other Facebook groups. If you wish to do so, please follow the instructions above.

If you would like to join your regional group but do not want BSF staff to see your full profile you can select us to see a limited profile. You can manage this in your security settings but you will have to add our profile and make us your friend before you can change this.

There are a few rules for the groups as follows:

  • The group should be used to communicate about shared training, events, support groups, clinical group details, good practice examples, success stories, swapping of equipment, toys, your own social events you are organising etc
  • Any comments about the service Blue Sky Fostering provides, the TLC  programme, individual practice, concerns, complaints are not to be posted onto the group as these should be made directly to your social worker
  • The Facebook page may not be viewed daily by key staff so always go to your social worker or manager in the first instance for anything urgent
  • No personal comments about others please

If you have any questions please just ask your BSF Facebook administrator. We’re looking forward to sharing all of our news with you!